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I had several important meetings today. So to look professional, I pulled my hair back into a bun. I used the Goody Spin Pins. While my shorter layers poke out of the center of the bun after me having them in all day, they still managed to hold my hair in place comfortably. I didn’t get a headache with my hair like this. I honestly love these things. I think they’re fantastic.

They’re very easy to apply. I just spin my hair into a bun, a bit looser than I used to, actually. Then I put one spin pin through my hair where the end of my hair is. I put the other at about a 90 degree angle to the other one. However, my hair is thin enough that I can use just one to hold a bun in place.

Have you tried the spin pins? I know I’ve mentioned them in my blog before, but I wasn’t sure if everyone else loved them :)

To be clear, I purchased these for myself back in June or July, after my friend Corinne recommended them to me.