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With my most recent order from Evil Shades I ordered Ravishing (an orange-coral blush with violet iridescence that Andrea made for me!), Astraea’s Embrace, Karta, Wanderflower and Zombie. Andrea was very sweet and sent me samples of her new Mythology collection, so I’ve swatched them for you. I really think that this is the most complex collection that Andrea has blended up yet!

My favorites in this collection are:
Sylph, Nixies, Drakon, Kharon, Valkyries, Moirae and Zombie.
However, Sylph wins out against everything else fo rme. That color just has me mesmerized!

Shade Descriptions:
Valkyries – A light dusty neutral pink pearlescent. (perfect highlight color)
Xanthus – A soft taupe with subtle shimmer (another great highlight)
Gryphon – A rich chocolate brown with a strong violet shimmer
Wyvern – A light minty green with crisp apple green sparkle
Dryad – Forest green with an Icey twinkle throughout
Sylph – Light powdery teal with a pink shift
Succubus – Medium rose base with copper/gold shimmer
Phoenix – Ash gray with firey orange and red glitter
Cerberus – Deep burgundy with fuschia sparkle
Moirae – Medium purple with multi color shimmer. Rubs down to a lilac with light explosion.
Nixies – Blue based purple with a grassy green shift
Kharon – Navy blue with majestic purple sparkle
Drakon – Medium blue green with gold, green and pink shimmer and a wine base that flashes through.