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I recently ordered samples from the Starshine Company, and they arrived today!

I purchased:

Blood Kissed – reddish pink with purple undertones
Damaged – a shimmery dark purple shade
Fading – a grey shade with blue undertones
Gravestone – medium grey with blue undertones
Nyx – rich pinkish bronze with sheen
Razzleberry – blue-purple color
Sea Foam – bright aqua
Golden Green – bright golden green
Poker Star – deep navy blue with sparkle
Storm – stormy blue

I also received free samples of:
Chartreuse – bright yellow tinged with green
24k – bright gold
Dark Chocolate – dark chocolate

and a scent sample:
Lemon Chiffon – a delicious frangrance just like warm creamy lemon pie.

I LOVE this!
The scent lasted for about 3 hours on me until it faded to a delicate vanilla-lemon scent. It smelled like a lemon pie with vanilla cream, and I really liked it.

I’m looking forward to playing with these colors.

Sorry I don’t have a look for you today. I worked from home and went to see my doctor because my leg (where the spider bite was), was looking awful again. My doctor ran some tests, then had to cut the bite open (which was painful), swab it, and drain it. Let’s just say that having that done with no painkillers wasn’t pleasant. I’m on 10 more days of antibiotics, taking a pill 4 times a day. Hopefully this time it will be cured.