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Since I put myself on a low buy, I haven’t shopped much recently, which is a good thing. That said, I did get in some fun mail recently.

First up is from Evil Shades:

I ordered Gossamer, a very pretty light pink blush with a blue sheen. I’m convinced that more blushes need blue or violet iridescence.
Andrea was sweet and sent me a lipstick in Zirna (a sheer blue opal) as a surprise.
I also got two lovely samples, Ice Star and Souls Torment.
Ice Star must be new because I don’t see it on the site, but it’s like snow with pink and blue iridescence.
Souls Torment is a dusty puple with aqua sparkles. I <3 my aqua sparkles.

Next up is from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

I ordered:
Nori – deep-sea turquoise with subtle pale blue shimmer
Divine – pale vivid pink flamingo

Now, I had a bit of an unhappy experience with OCC.
Originally, I emailed OCC on July 5, and later on July 13, asking a question. As of today, July 31st, those emails have never been answered.
On July 23 I placed an order with OCC for Nori and Divine. I never received an email of my order confirmation.
So on July 26 I called OCC about the status of my order. The man who answered the phone was awesome. He was quite helpful and located my order and let me know I’d receive a shipping notice within 24 hours. When I mentioned the emails I sent that I never received a response to, he said oh, check your spam filters, they often go there. On July 27 I did receive my shipping notification.
I do check my spam filter daily, and never received a response from OCC to my emails, which was kind of sad.
I’m not sure I’d place an order with them again, to be honest.