I’ve had no sun in my part of Florida for the past several days. It’s been raining on and off every single day. While I love the rain, this makes swatching a pain. I finally said ‘ah well,’ and ended up swatching my entire Silk Naturals eye shadow & blush Collection (except for Cougar, missed grabbing it from the drawer) for you.

Silk Naturals
Row 1 – royal – sapphire – vandal – scandal – jean queen – cruise
Row 2 – poly – planetary – sizzle – butterfly blue – pretty – tgif
Row 3 – lunar – go – swamp – lime – grassroots green – linger
Row 4 – charmed – nymph – fairy dust – vida – verde – l’chaim – lurid
Row 5 – vivid – romp – rollick – aubergine – bewitched – pop – intergalactic
Row 6 -brimstone – retro – cherry blossom – purr – nekkid – cabana – flame
Row 7 – heather – idolize – mojave – rizzo – slick – hint – safety
Row 8 – boom – burnished – cabin fever – papyrus – sonic – meteor – rebel
Row 9 – palace – maybe baby – cider – stellar – flair – gemini – crinoline
Row 9 is blushes

Poly – MAC Parrot clone, medium/deep blue shimmer
Papyrus – MAC Rice Paper clone, warm highlighter shade. V
Rebel – Bare Escentuals Rock Star clone, sheer black glittery shadow
Rizzo – smoky grey velvet satin
Slick – Bare Escentuals 1980’s clone, metallic brownish silver
Aubergine – blackened plum. V
Bewitched – deep purple shimmer
Cruise – Smashbox Muse Clone, muted medium blue
Nekkid – MAC Naked Lunch Clone, shimmery pink
Fairy Dust – light shimmery gold green pink
Lime – matte light lime green
Meteor – MAC Natural Flair clone, golden bronze
Sapphire – rich navy metallic
Boom – MAC Shroom clone, warm oyster
Lurid – MAC Moth Brown clone, plum taupe velvet matte
Idolize – MAC Idol Eyes clone, golden blue plum
Nymph – MAC Vex clone, putty grey shimmer
Charmed – MAC Juxt clone, golden green shimmer
Grassroots Green – shimmery green
Sonic – MAC Vanilla clone, light golden copper. V
Purr – Stila Kitten clone, shimmering golden pink
Burnished – a blend of a deep copper, a greenish gold, and black. V
Heather – a sheer grey but with lovely blue/plum highlights. V
Lunar – Nars Habanera clone, velvety aqua. V
Intergalactic – sheer very shimmer lavender color with aqua/purple reflect. V
Retro – MAC Kitschmas clone, a very shimmery light purplish pink. V
Brimstone – MAC Slate clone, smokey purple copper
Hint – MAC Seedy Pearl clone, light pink/lavender shimmer
Pop – purple, gold and pink shimmer
Jean Queen – blue/red/purple shimmer
Cabana – MAC Paradisco clone, golden peach shimmer
Planetary – intense pearl blue
Flame – red shimmer. V
Cherry Blossom – a very light cool-toned pink highlight. V
Safety Orange – a bright, vibrant orange, nearly matte. V
Vivid – bright, almost shocking purple. V
Royal – blue, almost matte, V
Butterfly Blue – light morphing blue shimmer
Swamp – matte vibrant green, V
Rollick – deep purple shimmer
Romp – vibrant shimmery purple
Vandal -deep shimmery blue
Scandal – shimmery blue
Linger – deep shimmery green
Go – stoplight shimmer green
Stellar – light silvery shimmering pink
Flair – MAC Hand Finish clone, peachy pink
Maybe Baby – MAC Blushbaby Clone, matte warm nude blush
Cider – warm golden blush
Palace – deep peach shimmer, NARS Taj Mahal
Gemini – MAC Grand Duo clone, plummy red with some warm coppery shimmer, a medium cool red
Crinoline – MAC Pettiecoat clone, peachy red glow

I bolded all the MAC clones for those of you who are interested.

My favorites:
Royal, Scandal, Intergalactic, Butterfly Blue, Nymph, Charmed, Vivid, Rollick, Aubergine, Pop, Brimstone, Retro, Purr, Nekkid, Cabana, Flame, Safety, Hint, Sonic, Meteor, Rebel, Stellar, Flair, Gemini, Crinoline