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Recently I had the dubious pleasure of playing and watching Dave play Red Dead Redemption. It’s a western game, published by Rockstar Games.

*Image copyright belongs to Rockstar Games.

The Good:
The game is gorgeous. Seriously. It’s very visually appealing. The water, the trees, everything looks quite realistic. It’s an open world with lots of mini-quests in addition to the main storyline, so you can play the game for hours without progressing the story line if you want to just explore. I really love this feature. They have lots of horses that you can collect if you like to collect mounts. The voice acting and story are pretty good.

The Bad:
I really disliked a lot of the controls. It was too easy to accidentally start combat with someone when you didn’t mean to. Also, while it may have been realistic, it was also hard to discern who was friend or foe sometimes in a gunfight. Since you take faction hits (positive or negative) for everything you do in the game, it really sucks when you find yourself moving towards evil because you didn’t understand the controls. On that note, I hate the gun noise. It’s pretty realistic as well. It seriously made me want to throw things.

I think if you like morality games, gun games, or games with open-ended exploration and good story, you will like this game.