Daily archives:July 28, 2010 5:14 pm

Silly Goose Dupes

So I swatched all the colors I thought might be close to MAC Silly Goose. To me, the closest color is Detrivore's Slimy. I swatched on Aromaleigh Light Primer and took pictures outside in natural (overcast) light and indoors with flash. Silly Goose is on the lid here. Slimy is on the lid here. To me, when I'm looking[...]

Silly Midori Goose

This morning I was craving greens, so I broke out Silly Goose and Midori. Silly Goose is one of my older MAC shades. I bought it with Steamy, Yogurt and Sweet Lust when I went in and got a makeover done with a friend of mine in Indianapolis. The makeup artist put Silly Goose and Steamy with Yogurt for a bright, colorful look. Since I normally only wore black[...]

Blue Iris

I haven't shared my nails with you in a while, so I wanted to share these. I just did these. I like the way they look in person. I put down 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Instant Iris, which is sort of a fuchsia with purple duochrome effect. I then put down BB Couture Blue Bahama on top. It's  now a vibrant, rich turquoise/aqua with pink-purple reflect. [...]