Silly Goose Dupes

So I swatched all the colors I thought might be close to MAC Silly Goose. To me, the closest color is Detrivore’s Slimy. I swatched on Aromaleigh Light Primer and took pictures outside in natural (overcast) light and indoors with flash. […]

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Silly Midori Goose

This morning I was craving greens, so I broke out Silly Goose and Midori. Silly Goose is one of my older MAC shades. I bought it with Steamy, Yogurt and Sweet Lust when I went in and got a makeover done with a friend of mine in Indianapolis. The makeup artist put Silly Goose and Steamy with Yogurt for a bright, colorful look. Since I normally only wore black, red or purple on the lid at that time, it was a definite change, but I liked it. Speaking of liking, I’m really liking using Plum Dressing to fill in my brows with my current hair color. I think it looks cool. […]

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Blue Iris

I haven’t shared my nails with you in a while, so I wanted to share these. I just did these. I like the way they look in person. I put down 2 coats of Sally Hansen’s Instant Iris, which is sort of a fuchsia with purple duochrome effect. I then put down BB Couture Blue Bahama on top. It’s  now a vibrant, rich turquoise/aqua with pink-purple reflect. […]

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