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I love mineral foundation. I absolutely love it. With mineral foundation, I’m able to find a perfect match to my skintone. This is fantastic. There has been a lot of mineral foundations that I’ve loved, and they’ve been discontinued. So I decided to write about a favored foundation of mine that has not been discontinued, Meow’s Pampered Puss foundation. This foundation has become Holy Grail material for me.


There are two shades that I can wear. The first shade is Inquisitive Siamese. Inquisitive is level 0, lightest – almost white. Siamese is described as a neutral for those with creamy undertones, no dominant peach or pink, but you may see a bit of yellow, peach, pink and beige.

This shade is really perfect for my mix of undertones. I have a bit of peach, a bit of cream, a bit of beige, a touch of yellow and a pink overtone, which I normally prefer neutralized.

Wearing Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss Foundation
Here I am wearing Inquisitive Siamese.

The second shade, which is also pretty good, is Inquisitive Sphynx. Sphynx is described as beige, pink and peach undertones. This, instead of neutralizing the pink overtones I have, somehow manages to work with them and brighten my complexion without turning my entire face pink.

Here I am wearing Inquisitive Sphynx

I also use Snow Lynx, which is a white, no undertones, to lighten foundation if necessary. This past winter I found it necessary. It also works well to lighten any foundation.

The ingredients for Pampered Puss are: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxides and Iron Oxides. The Zinc Oxide is great for sensitive skin as it is soothing. It doesn’t make my skin itch at all, which is nice. With some mineral foundations I’ve tried, if I’ve sweated, my skin would burn next to my nose. This is a nice light to medium coverage foundation, which makes it perfect for everday wear. I would almost describe the formula as creamy, because of how well it applies for me. I love it.

Pricing & Sizing:
$1.00 for 1/4 tsp bag sample
$12.95 for a 25g jar (6 to 8 grams net weight)
$23.95 for an 85g jar (22 to 30 garms net weight)

You can see just how much larger the large jar of foundation is compared to the munchkin.

The pricing on the large jars of foundation is pretty amazing to me. However, you should not order a large jar unless you’re absolutely certain of your color. When I first ordered, I ordered a munchkin jar, as I was so certain I was Inquisitive Chausie. That was before I went to the Meow Forums and met Jen, who became a wonderful friend of mine. She helped color match me to Siamese, as well as Sphynx. I ended up giving away that first jar of Inquisitive Chausie to a friend of mine who definitely had pink undertones, unlike me! The jars do last a fairly long time.

On that note, I know a lot of people complain about the Meow forums. I’m not particularly fond of Delphi forums or their format, but the people there are really nice. If you need help figuring out what color(s) you can wear, you definitely want to visit the forums rather than guess blindly.

With the way the foundation feels on my skin and seems to meld pretty well with my undertones, I think it looks really nice on me. The price is amazing for the amount you get, and I think it’s a very high quality foundation. This is what makes it a Holy Grail foundation to me.

How about you? What’s your holy grail foundation?