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I recently purchased some all natural eco friendly laundry detergent from Maylee’s Garden on Etsy.


I picked out Neroli & Chamomileand Peach & Honeysuckle, both vegan formulas. I also received a sample of Lilac & Vanilla Sugar.

Neroli & Chamomile is described as ‘Neroli is a sweet gorgeous flowery scent and chamomile is an herbaceous floral. The two combined like this is heavenly.’ I chose this because I love neroli, and I find chamomile to be soothing. I thought it would be perfect for bedding. The scent does not let you down! It’s really nice without being overwhelming.


Peach & Honeysuckle is described as ‘Juicy sweet peach and sweet honeysuckle fragrance oils. Sweet & fruity with a hint of honeysuckle to make it pop!’ This also smells fantastic to me, as you know I love peach and honeysuckle.

Lilac & Vanilla Sugar is described as ‘a true lilac scent mixed with warm vanilla sugar by bath and bodyworks duplicate.’ This was a really nice sample! I probably wouldn’t have chosen this sample for myself, but it’s really nice since I love vanilla. I was relieved it wasn’t a lavender scent!

The soap portion of this recipe is a handmade from scratch hot process soap. No palm oil is used in these detergents. Each bag contains enough for 30 to 35 loads of a normal washing machine and twice that for an HE front loader. The instructions say to use 1 to 2 tablespoons per load for a regular machine.

I’ve now washed sheets, clothing, towels, bras and panties, and Phaedra’s dog bed in this detergent, all with great results. So far, the detergent hasn’t irritated our sensitive skin, either. That’s often a concern, especially for Ray, when it comes to laundry detergent. Some things will make him itch.

While it was a bit unusual to me that it came in a plastic ziplock bag, it does make it easy to see and to store. I’m guessing that’s a big contributing factor to keeping the price down. If you really disliek the idea of keeping your detergent in this you could always recycle another container, such as an Oxyclean bucket, or use some other plastic container.

The price varies from $6 to $8.50, depending upon the scents and oils used. Other scents I’d be curious to try are BlackBerry Lemon, Coconut Vanilla Sugar, and Mango Pineapple.

When I emailed the owner of the shop, she was friendly and answered my questions promptly. She also shipped very quickly. Shipping for the two detergents I ordered totaled at $4.80, which was very reasonable.

Overall, I really liked what I purchased from Maylee’s Garden, and I will purchase from them again.

Have you tried any vegan laundry detergent? Did you like it?
Have you tried Maylee’s Garden?
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