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I’ve received a lot of emails recently about how I organize all my makeup, so I figured I’d do an updated post on how I organize my makeup. I will preface this with I’m always kind of on the look out for a better vanity, but it’s been difficult to find any I like. The one I currently have I like and it matches my bed and nightstands, but I wish it had drawers that could supplement or replace the 10 drawer organizers. Oh and uhm, it’d be great if it came in black or a deep blue-based teal.

On each side of the vanity is a 10 drawer storage unit that I purchased from Office Depot. I wish i’d been able to buy 2 in the same color but because I bought them at different times, they’re different colors. The grey matches my room, the pink stands out. That’s what I keep the majority of my makeup in (eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, glosses, etc). My bedroom is done in black, grey and purple,though the walls and ceiling are white.

This is a glass vase that I put purple sand in to make into a brush holder. It works pretty well, but uhm, I have a lot of brushes. By the way, I did make this brush holder for under $10. If you like this style of holder, definitely go to Michael’s, pick up a vase and some decorator’s sand.

These are two jars that I use to hold brushes. You can see how some of my fiber optic brushes are stained from blushes. The little tray thing in the right of the picture is where I normally keep my eyeliner sealant, eye shadow primers and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

The ikea Helmer is the newest addition to my makeup storage. It holds all my nail polish. Right now, it’s got LOTS of room for nail polish. It would also probably work for makeup, but I like shallower drawers for my makeup.

These are my 3 ring binders that hold sample baggies of eye shadows. I normally have these set up with dividers to separate brands.

This is how I organize all of my makeup right now. I’m trying to keep my ‘stash’ under control and not let it overtake my bedroom. I do give away makeup that I don’t use, and I do throw out things, as well.

How do you organize your stash? Any suggestions you want to share? I’d love to hear them! :)