Dreaming with Erline

Today I put together a green and purple look that I really like. You could probably skip using Contrast, because it wasn’t really doing it for me, which is why I grabbed Meow’s Nabau. […]

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Saturday Stuffs

Saturday brought me some fantastic mail and some interesting new things. First up, I received a pair of custom threaders that I’d purchased from WhimsyBeading. The earrings are gorgeous. They’re a purple velvet and have some teal ab reflects. They’re a lovely deep blue-purple. The color is intense and I love it. Kelly from Whimsy has 2 sets of threaders up right now. You should go snatch them up before I do! Seriously, they’re so gorgeous! […]

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Catch Up on What I’ve Been Up To

Here's what I've been up to lately! I've swatched Aromaleigh's newest collection, Lost in Faerie. I've done some looks with Lost in Faerie. A Look with Elysia, Meloria, Calista, Xylia & Rosina. A Look with Cleantha, Olinda, Loxy, Zanna, Rosina. A Look with Cleantha, Emerenta, Xylia, Rosina. A Look with Olinda, Emerenta, Naida, Trixy, Rosina. [...]

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