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On April 11, I placed my first order with Stars Makeup Haven for 3 shadows:
Ciao Bella!
Creme d’ Nude

The order didn’t ship until April 16, which was longer than their stated shipping time on the website. They sent this message though:
Please accept our sincerest apologies for the extreme delay in shipping your package. We have recently had two employees in customer service and shipping return to college which has left us completely understaffed, coupled with the fact that the number of orders this week has almost doubled. We have included an extra in with your package to try and make up for it. Also, we have been developing several exciting new products for our line, including an AMAZING lip gloss. It has taken us over 9 months to perfect the formula, but it should be ready for market in the next 2 months. If you would be willing to give us another try, and order from us again, we would love to send you one of our new glosses as our gift to you (as soon as they become available). Just mention this situation as well as this order number in with your order notes. We genuinely value every single one of our customers and strive for 110% satisfaction. In the meantime, please enjoy your new palettes, we know you will be thrilled. Thank you so much for your patience in this terribly inconvenient situation.

I loved the shadows that I ordered. I thought the quality was good and the color payoff and texture were great.

I figured ok, I’ll give them another chance.

On May 12, I placed an order with Stars Makeup Haven for 3 shadows:

All shadows were in stock when I placed the order.

Today (May 20), I received an email from SMH stating that Dominatrix was out of stock (which it wasn’t, when I placed my order the only color out of stock was Plum Crazy) and that I’d be refunded for Dominatrix and that they’d send me the rest of my order. They should have asked me if I wanted to cancel my order at this point, not just decide to send it out and refund the 1 shadow.

I emailed them back telling them to cancel my entire order and I haven’t had a response.

Now, I’ve had other problems with emailing them, which I had planned to mention when I did my more formal review of them.

Namely, the biggest problem with SMH is their lack of communication to their customers.

My original account with them was bugged and would not let me delete an item from my cart. I emailed them 4 times over a 2 week period of time and never received a response. I finally made another account and it worked just fine.

I like their products. However, their distinct lack of customer service has put them into the ‘No Buy’ category for me. They seem like another Archetype at this point.

I guess whenever I next want pressed shadows, MAC or Urban Decay will be getting my money.

I received a response back from the company:
“We completely understand. We would be happy to ship dominatrix to you at no cost when it comes back in stock. :)”

So at least they’re responding, unlike Archetype. And they’re even making a nice offer. Just not sure how I feel about it, considering the lack of response to previous emails.