1. Lip Of The Day?
 Spell Lip Pot in Sweet Talker. It’s a gorgeous candy pink.

2. If you had $2,500 to spend on Cosmetics and Perfume, what brands would you buy?
Fyrinnae, Aromaleigh, Urban Decay, MAC, Silk Naturals, Too Faced, Tokidoki, Kenzo, Morgana, etc :)

3. Beauty item(s) you recently repurchased?
Urban Decay 24/7 liners in Electric, Zero and Yeyo.
Electric is bright aqua, Zero is blackc and Yeyo is metallic white. I go through those three colors more than any of my other liner colors.

4. Most Shallow reason for breaking up with a significant other?
The guy wasn’t very smart and I ended up thinking about his geeky friend when I was with him, so I dumped the cute, dumb guy and went out with his geeky friend.

5. What is coming in the mail?
An order from Fyrinnae for my 500 Follower Blog Giveaway. Also, a custom order from WhimsyBeading.