One of my friends Carolyn saw something adorable and just had to send it to me. In addition, she sent me a pair of gorgeous earrings that she made, too!

Caro!yn: Handcrafted Jewelry

It’s a gorgeous notepad with poodles on it! Perfect for me and Phaedra :)
She also made me some amazingly cute earrings! They even show up in my hair. I love them.
She makes some gorgeous necklaces and earrings, so check them out :)

Recently Utla had an online special that if you bought something from Urban Decay, they’d throw in 2 24/7 pencils. I figured I didn’t care what colors I got, because I would use them. I ended up picking up:

Urban Decay Atmosphere – turquoise with iridescent sparkle
Urban Decay Zero – zealous black
Urban Decay Electric – bright aquamarine
Piggy Polish Parting Waves – a bright turquoise

Speaking of Ulta, I’m lusting after the Pink Chi Flat iron.

The flat iron I have gets too hot to the touch :( I need to find a small one that doesn’t get too hot to the touch on the plastic outside.

Concrete Minerals
I ordered some more samples from Concrete to check out. I really love Detox.

Hearts – deep shimmery red
Detox – seafoam green with silver sparkle
Souljourner – midnight blue with copper sparkle
Croma – shimmery lavender with aqua sparkle
Ether – metallic silver
Eye Primer (free)