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GeoGrafx is a fantastic little mineral makeup company based out in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They make a variety of eye shadows and natural facial care products. This review will cover the products that I’ve tried.

Eye Shadows
They have several sets of eye shadows, each collection inspired by something. There’s the Desert, Forest, Mountain, Prairie, Coastal, and Jewels of the Desert. There’s also a few limited edition collections: Colors of Catalina and Bali Hai. They also have the Cabochon collection, which is the low luster shadow collection.

The eye shadows are about $7.50 each and come in the industry standard 5 gram jar with a neight weight of about 1.2 grams.
Samples are $1 each for 1/8 teaspoon.

Rose Mallow, Shooting Star, Mushroom

Shooting Star, Mushroom, Mojave Indigo, Moon flower

Their shadows are nicely pigmented, apply easily and blend well. I particularly like the low luster collection because of the almost matte texture. It mixes up nicely with their shimmery shadows.

Anyone who loves taupes will instantly fall in love with their shade, Mushroom. Rose Mallow and Shooting Star, in particular, caught my eye and I really like them. Mojave Indigo and Moon Flower are my favorites from the low luster collection.

GeoGrafx has three bases for their lip products: butter rich natural lipstick, orchid lip treat and lip reflections lip gloss. I was able to try the orchid lip treat and the butter rich lipstick.

The butter rich lipstick had a bit of an unusual taste to me, but I think that was from the cocoa butter. The lipstick was creamy and nicely pigmented and the color was gorgeous. The lipstick is vegan.

This is me in Roseglow gold. It’s an unusual but gorgeous lip color.

I also tried the Orchid Lip treat, which was nice as well.

The butter rich lipstick, the orchid lip treat and the lip reflections lip gloss are all priced at $12.50 each. All of the colors offered by GeoGrafx are offered in the three different formulas. Samples are available for $3 in the butter rich natural lipstick formula.

Natural Facial Care
GeoGrafx offers a wide variety of cleansing, toning and moisturizing facial products. As you know, I’m completely in love with their Fresh Lemon Cleansing Mousse.

Pricing: $15 for 4 oz (full size), $8 for 2 oz (travel size), $4.50 for 1  oz (sample size)

They have a plethora of other natural products and moisturizers, all reasonably priced, and most products even have samples.

What I particularly like about the fresh lemon cleansing mousse is that it works beautifully with my Clarisonic Mia, as well as without it. It cleanses without drying my sensitive skin out. It’s not a harsh cleanser, but it’s an effective one. While I used to want that ‘squeaky clean’ feeling, I finally understand that I don’t need it to actually be clean!

Vegan Line
GeoGrafx does have a section of their website specifically dedicated to all of their Vegan Products. This makes it easy for anyone who is searching for vegan makeup or skincare products to check out what GeoGrafx has to offer.

Would I buy from GeoGrafx?
Yes, especially the Fresh Lemon Cleansing mousse!

These products were sent to me for review purposes.