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I recently had the opportunity to review the Sustainably Stylish With EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone cosmetic bag collection. It was sent to me by ecoTools. As you know by now, I LOVE ecoTools brushes, so I was prepared to like this set.

This line is currently available for purchase at Walgreens and Target. The bags are made with natural hemp material and uses a recycled PET lining.

The 5 piece brush set and Bag (retailing for around $15.99), is a limited edition set and it features 4 of Alicia’s favorite brushes.

The duo-fiber brush (aka skunk brush) in this set is awesome. It’s super soft yet it’s very full so it’s able to be used as a brush for finishing powders or glow powders to highlight your face. The blush brush is as nice as the other ones that I have from ecoTools. The Angled crease brush is awesome because it has a longer handle than the other ones I own. The only brush I’m not crazy about in this set is the lash and brow groomer. For me personally, I need very tiny teeth to brush through my lashes, typically the sort of teeth found on a metal lash comb. I think it might have been better in this set to include a bent eyeliner brush or an all over shadow brush. The bag itself is great.

All of the brushes are made from taklon, which is super soft, recycled aluminum ferrules (the metal parts), and bamboo handles. I really love the bamboo handles and think that they look nice, plus they’re a highly-sustainable plant, which makes them the perfect choice for the handles.

The Train Case (retailing for around $14.99) is in the style of makeup bags that I like, as I find train cases nice if you need to put a lot of stuff into one bag. What I think is especially nice about this one is that it has a clear compartment on the top, whereas all of the other ones I own don’t have anything like that. I think that’s a good place to stick brushes.

The Overnight Bag (retailing for around $19.99) is huge. This is what I typically think of when I think of a large travel bag, good for sticking shampoos, conditioners, body wash, sponges, etc into. This is certainly big enough for that.

Last, I received the Cosmetic Bag (retailing for around $8.99).

It’s a cute little bag that I’ve been using in my purse. I just toss some of my lipsticks into it and go. It’s fairly sturdy and lined, so I don’t have to worry about anything with it.

Overall, I think that this set from ecoTools is reasonably priced, just like their other sets. I will probably end up buying the 5 piece brush set just so I can have another one of ecoTools duo-fiber brushes.

I really and truly do love ecoTools products. (This can easily be seen by the fact that I’ve now purchased 3 of their 6 piece eye brush set).

I would love to see them add a bent eyeliner brush to their brush collection. I think that this set of bags with Alicia Silverstone is a nice collection of products. Alicia Silverstone was a great celebrity choice because of her environmental and animal rights activism.

Note: This review is based on media samples provided by a representative of the company and was not purchased by me.

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