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I have had a crappy week. Seriously crappy. So I was happy when I checked the mail and had lots of fun things.

The wonderful guys at Fyrinnae were kind enough to surprise me and send me some of their new collection. I’m in love with +2- Beautification, maybe it’s because in some of the old pencil and paper RPGS that I’ve played, I actually put points into Comeliness, as well as things like diplomacy 😛 I absolutely love everything they sent me to try.

Eye Shadows
+20 Beautification – brilliant turquoise as sparkling as possible
Robot Takeover – silvery deep teal with icy silver and blue sparkle and hints f pink
Geek Glam – gleaming glowing glam green leaning towards aqua
Delvian – beautiful purple with pink-purple shimmer (who wouldn’t love a color from Farscape!)
Chaotic Evil – bright neutral-cool pink filled with silver sparkle and glimmer
Warrior-Mage – super-duper sparkling silver with blue and pink sparkle
Half-Elf Hottie – a true gold with glimmering purple highlights
Damn Paladins – a soft light taupe with a gentle pale blue highlight
Griffonrider – metallic gold with turquoise sparkle and shimmer

Ghostly Voice (lip lustre) This is a GORGEOUS color that is like a silvery aqua to dark charcoal grey to my eyes. I’m sure it has more to it, since it’s a color changer, but that’s what I saw initially.

Next is my order from Sobe Botanicals. I was very excited by this because the nice owner, Lex. Grey from Gothique introduced me to Sobe and I’m very glad.

I purchased:
Vamptress – ready to suck your deep red blood in cherry  vanilla (lips)
Mademoiselle – medium purply fuschia mauve (cheeks and lips)
Dolly – hot pink (cheeks and lips)



Lex sent me a blush and some eye shadows to try as well.
Girls Just Wanna – a shimmery pink shade that is a blush or lip color, but not eye safe
Stiletto – a black with a shimmer of purple & very fine sparkling pink glitter
SugarPlum Fairy – royal purple plum with a hint of pink/red  shimmer
Oakmoss – mossy green with a hint of shimmery gold
Under the Mistletoe – medium dark green with shifting green shimmer

Next is my Cherry Culture Haul from their Thanksgiving Sale. This actually arrived a few days ago.

Nyx Lashes: 104, 125, and 129
Milani Whimsical
Nyx Eye & Lip Makeup Remover (2)

I stocked up on my Nyx and Eye & Lip Makeup remover, since I love this stuff.

Last is my Silk Naturals.

Silk Naturals:
Boom – MAC Shroom clone, warm oyster
Lurid – MAC Moth Brown clone, plum taupe velvet  matte
Idolize – MAC Idol Eyes clone, silvered violet  with gold
Tailfeather* (free shadow)
XXX- ultra nude
Crimson – MAC Russian Red clone
Gemini – medium cool red
Envy – golden green cream liner sample
Shirley Temple lip balm* (free lip balm)

I picked up Boom because I’ve heard so many people rave about MAC Shroom. I picked up Idolize because I used to own MAC Idol Eyes. The rest of the colors I just decided to try because they’re not colors I own.

Phaedra laid down and watched me open and swatch stuff. She prefers me to do this in the bedroom.