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I have ordered from Archetype three times. The first two times I placed an order, I never received an email receipt. I emailed Archetype to get a receipt, but received no response. I tracked them down on MySpace, and finally got a receipt via MySpace, as well as a response. I was told that their problems were due to having to fire an employee. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and I received my order, plus some extras.

This time I wanted to order for Halloween. I placed my order on Oct. 12. I got no receipt. I emailed again and again with no response:
Oct. 13 – no response
Oct. 26 – no response
Messaged on MySpace
Oct. 29 – no response
Nov. 8 – no response
Nov. 13 – no response
Opened dispute with PayPal on on Nov. 23, as this was 6 weeks from when I had placed my order.
Received order on Nov. 24, so on the 7th week.
Closed dispute on Nov. 24.
Wrote a letter and sent it through the USPS postal system requesting a reply on Nov. 23.

As of Monday December 7, 2009, I have not received an email, a phone call, or a written letter in response to the letter that I sent.

While Archetype’s website clearly states to write if you want a phone number or response, I have not received one.

Because of the sheer lack of customer service, I can no longer recommend Archetype.
I don’t care how pretty their colors are. They will not give me the common courtesy of responding to an email or a written letter, or a PayPal dispute. Grey of Gothique could not get a response either. And several of my friends and readers have also had this problem.

So let the buyer beware of Archetype. You may or may not get your order. You may or may not get a response. I will not order from them again. I will not reward such shoddy customer service, not when there are companies out there that will respond to my emails.

Edit: As of April 9, 2010 I have NOT received a response from Archetype. Not a single email, not a single letter, and not a single phone call.