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Melissa from Morgana Minerals has relesed her Pirate Collection, Shimmer Me Timbers. The name is absolutely adorable.

Port Royale – bright blue with blue, blue-green, and violet color shifts
Walk the Plank – vivid blue, twinkles of aqua with subtle shifts of blue, blue-violet and blue-green
Madagascar – a cool toned pink-cherry with a hint of purple-blue sheen
Buried Treasure – lemon yellow with twinkles of aqua and a pearl sheen shifting red/copper
Pirate’s Loot – sparkly, semi-transparent gold with a lemony backdrop
Mutiny – a stunning dusky purple with intense color shifts of blue, green, and violet.
Horizon – pink-peach like the glow of a sunset
Grog Blossom – soft peach-red with subtle color shifts & green sparkle. Appears peach or coppery red depending on the angle.
Arr Matey – no desc yet
Pieces of Eight – Silver with gunmetal glitter.
Black Spot – matte black
Tavern Wench – Dark green-black with blue-violet-to-pink sparkles.
Davey Jones’ Locker – Navy-black nearly matte with a hint of blue sparkle.
Jolly Roger – Matte black with shimmering silver-white sparkles.
Crow’s Nest – Metallic bronze-gold with gold twinkles.
Marooned – Red-plum with turquoise sparkles.

The colors I’m most interested in are Marooned, Jolly Roger, Madagascar, Walk the Plank and Buried Treasure.