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Monday’s Mail Call included something from Medusa’s Makeup and something from Makeup Masala. I made purchases from both of these companies.

Recently I ordered from Medusa’s Makeup because I wanted to try out their brush set. Their 5 piece brush set, which is regularly $35, was on sale for $25. That works out to $5 a brush, if I bought enough other things to get free shipping, which I did. They accidentally forgot to include one of my eye dusts, Purple Rain.

I called Medusa’s Makeup on the phone as soon as I opened the package and realized it was missing. They immediately answered the phone and said they’d send out one right away. In addition to that, they also sent me a clear lip gloss in Concious. I thought that was very nice customer service.

Medusa’s Makeup ships pretty fast, usually within the next business day that you place your order. I’ll have my review of their brushes up soon.

I also visit Makeup Masala on occasion, but had never purchased from their Makeup Mix Shop.

I finally decided to place an order because they have a set of ecoTools brushes (the 6 piece mini set) that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere to purchase. I also decided to pick up another e.l.f. C brush, because I really love this brush. And they had this Complexion brush that looked useful.

Masala ships super fast. They also tweet deals on twitter, as well as new items. In fact, they just tweeted that they have the new 6 piece eye brush set from ecotools, so I just snagged it. It comes with a large eye brush, angled crease brush, petite eye shading brush, highlighting brush, smudge brush and help & cotton case with mirror.

As you know, I LOVE my ecoTools brushes. I HIGHLY recommend them. They’re the most inexpensive and nice brushes I’ve ever come across. I definitely recommend ordering from the Makeup Mix Shop if you’re looking for ecoTools. Their shipping costs are inexpensive (my first order was $3.65, the order today was $2.53), and they ship things out lightning fast. They also answer their customer service emails very quickly.

In fact, it’s nice to be able to say that both Medusa’s Makeup and Makeup Masala give good customer service. It’s a refreshing change.

You should definitely give them a try :)