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Back in June 2009 I purchased a 10 drawer mobile organizer.

Well recently, I purchased another one. When I originally got mine, I believe they only had pink in stock. This time, they only had black in stock.

So now I have a black one on the left side of my vanity and a pink one on the right side. Ray put this together today for me and then I spent some time re-organizing my makeup, after I did swatches.

This is my Spell Cosmetics drawer. It contains eye shadows and blushes.

I also split my lip products drawer into 2 draws. This is not all the lip products I have, just most of them. I still have 2 other containers of lipsticks and glosses that are in my closet.

This is the majority of my lip glosses:

This is the majority of my lipsticks:

My nail polish is currently in 3 drawers in the pink organizer. I’ll be spreading it to 4 drawers so that they’re not so cramped.

This is my brush organizer. I probably should make a second or third one.

You can see how I made this organizer for under $10 here.

I also have several sample binders of eye shadows.

And this is how I’m currently organizing my makeup.