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So my pictures suck, but I’m loving Icy Iris by Finger Paints. It’s from the Finger Paints Holiday 2009 collection. I HATE that Finger Paints doesn’t seem to do much in the way of advertising or updating their website. I really like their nail polish. Unfortunately my Sally’s didn’t have very many shades, so I just bought Icy Iris. This color looks great on my tips and toes :)

This picture was taken in sunlight.

This was taken with flash, right after I painted my nails.

This was taken with flash tonight.

This collection has:
Icy Iris – a deep purple that’s glass flecked with plum shimmer
Candy Cane Shimmer – which is a red shimmer
Decked With Dazzle – a pink shimmer
Evergreen Dream – a deep green shimmer
Snowman’s Scarf – a warmer red shimmer
Sparkling Snow – a pretty silver shimmer