I played with mattes today and I went green. I feel very fresh and festive! I really like the way these colors look. I need to wear green more often. I also played with some self-adhesive Revlon Defining lashes and really liked them. They are SUPER lightweight! It felt like I wasn’t wearing lashes at all. I know in the up close pictures you can see how I had trouble getting the inner lash band to adhere properly, but they looked good from a normal distance. So when you see the full face shots, you’ll see that it actually looks pretty good.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Aromaleigh Real Gone – inner 1/4 of eyelid, into crease
Aromaleigh In Orbit – next 1/4 of eyelid, into crease
Aromaleigh Spaz – next 1/4 of eyelid, into crease
Aromaleigh Radioactive – outer 1/4 of eyelid, into crease
Aromaleigh Elegie – in crease
Aromaleigh Sylph – on browbone to highlight and inner corners of eye
Gel Eyeliner in Black Out – inner upper lash line and outer lash line
Revlon Defining 99501 Self-Adhesive Lashes
Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara in Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Yeyo – lower water line
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Graffiti – lower lash line
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Distortion – on top of Graffiti

Aromaleigh Rocks! in Candy-O

Aromaleigh Glissade in 1CL with a touch of Alabaster

Aromaleigh Minty Cocoa Chip lipbalm
Too Faced Borderline lipliner in Clear
Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion
MAC Lipstick in Sweet Thing

So far the mattes are fun to play with. I love that they’re bright.

I received an order in the mail today from Archetype. I’d placed this order on Oct. 12, and didn’t receive it until today, Nov. 24.
I sent several emails to Archetype asking for an email receipt, and never received a response. I finally wrote a letter and mailed it to them. If I don’t get some sort of a response from the letter that I mailed to them, I will not order from them again. I’m actually unhappy enough with Archetype that I didn’t even swatch my order or open up the colors to look at them.

Here’s what I ordered.
Bats! – a soft, slightly translucent deep purple with a weird chartreuse glitter
Black Cat’s Luck – iridescent shadow in a whitish translucent base with purple sparkle, flashes of silvery white with a hint of pink to green
Catacombs of Paris – smoky deep plum purple with pinkish purple iridescence and intense bright turquoise/teal sparkle
Jar of Sorrows – Smokey plum, with strong pinkpurple shimmer. Soft blendable color with an iridescent quality. Matching pinkpurple glitter.
Madame Terpsichore – ultra pale sparkly color somewhere between taupe, grey and purple with lots of silver sparkle
Shackled – velvety black purple shimmer with lots of green sparkle

Datura – poisonous bluish purple, slightly translucent with a hint of purple-blue iridescent sheen, highlighted with a major aqua sparkle
Ghost Dance – a dark iridescent blue that flashes to purple, with a bit of orchid pink
Gloomy Sunday – Greyish-taupe-lavender base with silvery sparkles
Hell’s Kitten – silverized velvety violet with multi-colored sparkle
Kitsune Yokai – greyed out almost violet with a bluish cast with purple iridescence
Night Jaguar – black grey base with a dark plum iridescence
Spook – deep crushed violet with eerie silver and aqua sparkles
Autumn Leaves – yellow/gold base with hints of coral around the edges and green iridescence with silver sparkle
Chubby Skelliton – like the outer skin of blackpurple plums with a blue iridescent haze and a velvety plummy base with pink red flecks of sparkle
Sly – an iridescent deep dark blue with a bare hint of a grape hue to it, packed with coppery sparkle

So what do you think of my new Retri Hi-Fi Mattes green look?

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