Sci-Fi Look – Commandant Mele-On Grayza from Farscape

This is my entry for A Bouquet of Beauty's sci-fi themed makeup look. Since Farscape has been my favorite Sci-Fi themed show ever (with Lexx a close second), I decided to do a look from Farscape. I also wanted to make it challenging, so I chose Commandant Mele-On Grayza.Eyes:Too Faced Shadow InsuranceAromaleigh Eye & Lip [...]

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Friday’s Mail

This is what I received in the mail on Friday.My Aromaleigh arrived!The full sizes that I bought were Terpischore and Promenade from en Pointe.My free samples were Orinocho, Spellbound, Avalon and Tender.Terpischore - a fawn plush matte base with a magical golden iridescent highlight. (Sheen)Promenade - romantic violet plush matte base with an intriguing blue-violet [...]

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Double Dose of Poodle

I have a double dose of poodle for you. That red blanket in the background is a poodle blanket that my friend Melissa made for me. It's soft and curly and cute. Of course, the other poodle is Phaedra. It's amusing how close in texture the blanket is to her fur. I think it's adorable [...]

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