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I will be doing reviews on the following mineral makeup companies soon. Of course, right now I’m still trying to work my way through Halloween Colors!

Evil Shades is a small mineral makeup company that’s pretty new. I wanted to try their stuff after looking through their store and seeing their Witching Hour nail polish and Banshee lip gloss. I’m a sucker for pretty aqua/teal shades!

Lip Glosses:
13th hour – Deep Purple
Banshee – Aqua/Teal
Guilty as Sin – Fuschia
Venom – Black

Nail Polish
Big 3 free
Liquid Evil – black with silver sparkles
Satis – a dark greyed green with purple shimmer that looks anywhere from silver to green to charcoal to an almost blackened gunmetal green
Witching Hour – midnight blue with sparkles

Eye Shadow Samples:
13th Hour, Banshee, Abyss, Suffocation, Venom

I purchased all of the above shades. Evil Shades was kind enough to send me samples of the rest of her colors. She also sent me her holo colors.
Mysteria – purple holo
Devil’s Bonfire – black holo
Erinnye – red/pink holo
Acolyte – emerald green holo

They also sent me a full sample set to give away to one lucky reader! So be watching for a giveaway! It will be for subscribers only.

Last is Sassy Minerals. They’re a new company that only opened up on September 23, 2009

They sent me a ton of samples to try, though I do wish that they had asked me for which foundation shades of theirs I thought I’d match. I’m fairly certain that what they sent me is too dark, as they sent me Warm Light and Neutral Light, and I’m pretty certain that I would be their Fair level, not their Light.

When they contacted me asking me to review them, they said:
“We promise, not one of our pigments is a simple repack or “watered down” and repacked pigment.”

Eye Shadows
Fairy Wings-heathered lavender with pink shimmer
Pixie Sprinkles-neutral peachy beige with copper, green and purple sparkles
Opening Night-gold with olive undertones and gold sparkle
Hissy Fit-mauve pink with golden shimmer
Over the Limit-bronzed copper with copper sparkles
Trash Talk-dark blackened brown with gold shimmer
Tabloid Fodder-vibrant green with gold and aqua shimmer
Off Kilter-silvery lavender with green and purple sparks
Why Not?-deep smoky graphite with red and silver
Atomic-hot orange with icy silver sparkles
Silk Sheets-silken golden cream with gold shimmer*
Ruby Slippers-ruby red with loads of pink and ruby sparkle*
Trust Me-soft lime with gold sparkle
Fashionista-rich copper with silver sparkle
Don’t Blink-ocean blue with green sparkles
Disturbing the Peace-deep caribbean blue*
Make it Work-rosy brown with aqua sparkles
Jinx-heather grey with strong aqua shimmer*
Lyrical-deep smoky green with intense green and aqua sparkle
Merlin’s Ball-soft silver with loads of silver sparkle
Fierce-smoky grey with red and blue sparkles*
Independence-silvery lavender
Apparition-soft grey with a subtle shimmering highlight that appears green or mauve
Bad Attitude-deep olive with golden flashes
False Pretenses-vivid minty green
In Hysterics-burnt coral with rose overtones and purple sparkle
Forget About It-bold sage green

Crowning Moment-cool petal with golden shimmer
Ode to Joy-neutral rose perfect for everyday
Afterburn-warm copper rose
Bloom with Creativity-cool petal pink with soft shimmers of lilac
Tart-peachy pink with golden shimmer*

Shocking-electric blue with blue shimmer*
Gasoline Rainbow-smooth black with intense rainbow sparkles*
Endless Party-vibrant purple with blue and purple sparkle*

Warm Light
Neutral Light

*colors with a star by them are the shades from Sassy that I’m most interested in trying.

Have you tried Evil Shades, Stardust or Sassy?
If so, what did you think of them?