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I got my hair cut today at Cameo Salon & Spa by an awesome lady named Lori and her stylist in training Sara. I told her I wanted to keep my length, I wanted layers to add volume, and I wanted a fringe. I told her I liked asymmetrical cuts and points, and I showed her a few images I had looked at for inspiration.

I’m pleased with the results.

(I wish Dave had told me it wasn’t straight in the back when he took a picture for me!!!)

Phaedra approves!

I really love how this works with my eyes.
Of course, the color is what I’ve had for a few weeks, Punky Plum and Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise. I like how Lori was able to incorporate my Turqoise panel into the look.

Edited to add:

The above image is what I used as the basis for my cut. It’s what gave me the idea of what I wanted.