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Since I’ve updated this list several times, I thought I’d post the updated version. You can see the older one here, but I have been updating it. Check out my Favorite Places to Shop!

I’ve met the creator Kristen, who is wonderful, and you can usually see each collection that she’s working on in her blog posts. Aromaleigh has over 400 eye shadows (I’m guessing they’ll have 500 soon) and some really gorgeous colors. I absolutely love their LE collections. Try their lip balms and lipsticks, too. Sweet is a FANTASTIC nude pink lip. From having purchased countless products from Aromaleigh, I can assure you that these are well made products with a proper base. You can read my review here.

While not technically mineral makeup, they are an online makeup company. They have over 200 eye shadows and they make some amazing, complex colors, like their Arcane Magic line. These guys are awesome! Check out their lip lustres! Their lip lustres have replaced MAC’s lipglasses as my favorite lip product. Their eye shadows have a great base. Their shades are quite complex, so some are best worn by patting on the color, or by using Pixie Epoxy. You can read my review here.

Meow Cosmetics
Tammy from Meow definitely makes her own colors. Check out the Halloween release for some gorgeous shades. They have a ton of amazing blushes and foundation, too. She also does holiday releases such as the Friday the 13th shades that come out every Friday the 13th. My favorite shades are from the Friday the 13th collection. Other colors I really like are from the Fall 2008 release, as well as many of the Holiday releases, like the Christmas colors and Halloween collections. The Egyptian collection is pretty as well. You can read my review here.

Spell Cosmetics
Elle from Spell makes her own colors. She uses a 3-tier balancing system which accommodates for opacity, luminosity, & colour intensity. For instance, the Loaded Collection is opaque with high colour intensity. The Laura Christoper Collection is sheer, luminous with high colour density. Her Jewel Thief collection is a very pretty metallic collection for fall. These colors are very buttery smooth and blend easily. You can read my review here.

Dreamworld Minerals
Ellie from DreamWorld makes her own eye shadows. She’s got some really interesting collections, too. She likes vibrant color :) She also will take customer requests, which is really nice. She has some very gorgeous, complex colors that look good over colored bases.

Sassy Minerals
Sassy Minerals is a relatively new company that I had the opportunity to try out right around when the company launched their line. They did everything right with their launch, from having a professional site to wonderful products! The eye shadows in particular are fantastic. Their blushes are also very nice. You can read my review here.

Silk Naturals
I’ve spoken with Karen Stark of Silk Naturals and she told me that she does make all of her own products, and anything not made by Silk Naturals is clearly marked as such. She also carries a skincare line, and makes some great vegan versions of popular shades. If you’re looking for MAC Parrot, you can find her version of it here. Having tried their products, I have been happy with everything that I’ve tried. She puts a lot of work into her lipsticks and eye shadows. I love the luster of these eye shadows, and they apply very smoothly. The lipsticks are really nice, too. You can read my review here.

Sugarpill is a new company started by Amy, aka Shrinkle, and her shadows are fantastic! They’re highly pigmented and easy to work with. You can read my review about her products here.

Morgana Minerals
They’ve got some nice eye shadows that I know Melissa makes herself, and AMAZING vegan lipsticks. My favorites in the lipsticks are probably Nightshade,Gargoyle, Azalea, and Ice Queen. In the eye shadows Druscilla’s Sister, Transylvanian Twist, Broomstick, Coraline and Glitter Ghoul steal my heart. Her lipsticks are some of the best that I have ever used, hands down. You can read my review here.

Beauty from the Earth
Beauty from the Earth contacted me to let me know that while they do sell some repackaged products, they are clearly marked as Primaries, and they are carried by customer request. The rest of their eye shadows are their own custom blends. They’ve got some really fun duochrome colors.

Sobe Botanicals
This is a fantastic, relatively new company that makes custom lipsticks, cheek and lip stains, eye shadows, perfumes etc. I really like the lipsticks and cheek and lip stains.

Beautiful Girl Minerals
Gina from Beautiful Girl Minerals makes her own eye shadows and she even sometimes makes shades at customer’s requests or suggestions. Try her lip glosses as well! You can read my review here.

Glamour Doll Eyes
Glamour Doll Eyes is a relatively new mineral makeup company but Vee does a great job at making beautiful colors. Glam Girl is an outrageously bright purple. Galaxy, which is a matte black with purple glitter, and Disco White, which is a white matte with aqua glitter, are two of my favorite colors from her. Check out her glitters too! She lists unblended shades honestly, too. You can read my review here.

GeoGrafx Cosmetics
I spoke with the owner Kimberly via email and she confirmed that they formulate every one of their products from scratch. They also do custom blending for wholesale clients. Having tried their eye shadows and lipsticks, I definitely like them. Their fresh lemon cleansing mousse is awesome. Their eye shadows are lovely and if you’re looking for that perfect taupe shade, check out Mushroom. You can read my review here.

Medusa’s Makeup
When I emailed Medusa’s Makeup to ask if they made their own products, they replied back with, “The majority of our products, eye dust, glitter, body shimmer/blush, lip gloss are all made in our Chicago facility.” So while I think their pressed shadows are private label, I think that their loose eye dusts, etc are made and have a base added to them. Regardless, they have EXCELLENT customer service. I have placed an order, had an item go missing, immediately called Medusa, got a person on the phone, and they sent out a replacement right away, along with a bonus item. Also, I love their makeup brushes. You can read my review of their makeup here. You can see my review on their brushes here.

Mixology Makeup
I have it confirmed that they do make their own eye shadows, blushes and foundations. They tend to make softer colors, but my favorites from Mixology are Starlight, Suga, Soot, Armor, and Bones.

Sassy Minerals
This is a very new company and they do custom blend their own shades. They have a lot of gorgeous colors. I really like Gasoline Rainbow. You can read my review here.

Cory Cosmetics
They make their own eye shadows and they even have some special mica-free blends for those individuals who are sensitive to mica. I actually think having mica-free products, such as shadows and highlighters and foundations etc is really cool. While I have emailed the company, I’ve never received a response to my email, but I’ve never had a problem with an order and the turn around time is reasonable.

Fusion of Color
Kathy of Fusion of Color makes her own eye shadows. I have tried them and they’re nice soft colors. She also makes her own lip products. I particularly like Cashmere Creme. You can read my review here.

Suds n’ Sass
Beth from Suds n’ Sass makes her own eye shadows as well as other products. I’m convinced that she makes pretty stuff! Check out Magical and Cornflower! Also, her perfumes are nice, especially Seductive Charm and Perfect Kiss!

Buff’d Cosmetics
I emailed the owner after she asked me to review her makeup and she confirmed that she makes her own shadows. I reviewed their products and found them to be nice and perfect for everyday wear. While I couldn’t find a foundation match, the eye shadows were nice. You can read my review here.

Abbey St. Clare
I contacted Margaret Hardy and she was very sweet. She emailed me back letting me know that she does indeed make her own makeup and skin products. She started formulating makeup based on her customers’ requests for makeup. She avoids bismuth oxychloride and adds Vitamin C and Allantion.

The companies that I would avoid would be:
Orglamix and Urban Apothecary and my experience with them, as they are owned by the same person.
Stardust Cosmetics You can read my review here.
FaceFront (here is my experience with FaceFront),
Lime Crime (here is my friend Ana’s experience with Lime Crime and here is my friend Saila’s experience with them, and here is my friend Lillian’s),
Archetype Cosmetics (here is Le Gothique Grey’s experience with them)
Glitter Sniffer (here is my experience with them)
Calypso Minerals (here is Gothique Grey’s experience with them),
Taylor Made Minerals
Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics
The She Space
Coastal Scent
Everyday Minerals (you can read Hoyden’s horror story, or read the Beauty Frugalista‘s story)
Pure Luxe Cosmetics (because of the comment that they left at the Mineral Makeup Mutiny which shows the nature of the owner)

Here is an update from Ana about Lime Crime.

If you are a company that blends your own eye shadows or other products and you would like to be added to this list, please contact me.

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