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I haven’t posted about MAC in a while, but let me say that I was initially very excited by Style Black. I’m a black fan, as well as a fan of dark colors. While I didn’t indulge in the lippies because a friend of mine is sending me some (I cannot wait to get Blackfire on my lips), I was lusting after the eye shadows. However, I was disappointed by the color payoff from the mineral eye shadows. That’s ok, because Meow Cosmetics released colors that are very similar, in my opinion, with WAY better color payoff.

MAC Versions:
Young Punk – mineralize black with pinkish purple pearl
Blue Flame – mineralize black with blue pearl

Meow Versions:
Necromancer – a pure black with pink and purple sparkle and fuschia iridescence
Warlock – a pure black with blue sparkle and blue iridescence

As soon as I saw the MAC Style Black at the mall, I knew I wouldn’t be happy with the color payoff. As soon as I saw Meow was releasing colors like that in their Dance of Death collection, I knew I’d be ecstatic with Meow’s versions and I immediately ordered full sizes of those instead of sample sizes.

I checked out the Style Black and DSquared greasepaint sticks. They’re awesome! I purchased all three:
Black – intense black (has violet sparkles, from Style Black)
V – bright blue violet (has violet sparkles, from Dsquared)
B – bright yellow blue (has blue sparkles, from Dsquared)

These have GREAT color pay off. They sort of seem like a cross between a paint pot, shade stick and cream color base. The color payoff is intense, but they will dry/set on their own, and you can also set them with powder. I put all 3 colors on the back of my hand, let them dry, and then have been rubbing at them with my fingers. They don’t come off easily.

I’m looking forward to trying these greasepaint sticks as bases for eye shadow looks. I also think they would make some killer smoky eyes.

You can see how Black has violet sparkles in it.

I’m VERY pleased with my greasepaint stick purchases! I can see myself using these a lot.

Have you tried these? What did you think?