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Join the Mineral Makeup Mutiny!

For all of you wonderful companies out there that make your own makeup, please join the mineral makeup mutiny! For all of my friends and fellow bloggers, you can take this image to put on your blog to support indie makeup companies!

As you can see, I put this badge on my blog, because I support creative indie companies.

I would love to see all of the companies on my V2.0 Mineral Makeup Companies that make their own shadows list also join up with the Makeup Mutiny.

Consumers need to know who they can trust so that they can purchase without fear of being lied to or duped. If you’ve ever purchased eye shadow from a company, and then once you received it realized that you already had another eye shadow exactly like that from another company, you know what I mean. The first time it happened, I was extremely upset and I felt like I’d wasted money. I don’t want anyone to feel lied to or duped like I was.

So it is my sincere wish that all of the companies that I trust will join in the mutiny!