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More disturbing information on Orglamix & Urban Apothecary

More disturbing information on Cheri Tracy of Orglamix and Urban Apothecary, courtesy of Honestly Beautiful. You can see the cease and desist letter I received from Cheri Tracy yesterday here. You can see my review that Cheri Tracy did not like here. This is where I say that it's my opinion that I don't like her products or the information she gave m[...]

The Revolution has come: Mineral Makeup Mutiny!

I've seen some great things today.First is this awesome video from Glamour Doll Eyes creator, Vee:Second is from Dreamworld Minerals.Ellie had a great post for her Halloween Sale, as well as information on the Mineral Makeup Mutiny!Her sales code is Trick or. And you can put 'treat' in the comments box to get a gift.Third is from Suds n' Sass. (Cute name!)[...]