Daily archives:October 26, 2009 11:26 pm

Evil Shades - a fun look

Hey everyone, I'm sorry that my Face of the Day is so late, but today's been a crazy day. I think that these are some really lovely colors that I'm sportin' from Evil Shades. I hope you will too!Eyes:TFSIFyrinnae Pixie Epoxy - outer 3/4 of lid and creaseEvil Shades Mysteria - inner 3/4 of lidEvil Shades Banshee - outer 1/4 of lidEvil Shades Devil's Bonfire -[...]

Phaedra the Skelepoodle

For Halloween, we turned Phaedra into a Skeleton Dog, also known as a Skelepoodle! (Skeleton Poodle is just not as cute as Skelepoodle!) Megan of Best In Show performed the wonderful work on Phaedra, turning her into the coolest skelepoodle ever!Seeing how cute Phaedra looks really brightened my day.You should know this by now, but in case you don't, Phaedra[...]

Orglamix Sent me a Cease & Desist

So apparently, Cheri Tracy of Orglamix / Urban Apothecary sent me a cease and desist because of me refusing to give them a good review in my blog here. I refuse to recommend her. In fact, I do not recommend her or her products.Now, on to the letter I received.RE: Cease and DesistDear Fresco Phyrra:Our firm represents the interests of Orglamix and its pr[...]