Morgana Minerals Halloween Treats Are Out!

It's my FAVORITE time of year! It's Fall and all the Halloween collections are coming out :)Morgana Minerals has released their Halloween collection, and they've got some really cool colors!Halloween Eye Shadows:Bloody Mary - A luscious metallic redUninvited Presence - Green with intense gold tonesEctoplasm - Warm, nearly neon green with hints of copper shimmerShallow [...]

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Spell Cosmetics Releases the Jewel Thief Collection & Velvet Mattes

Spell Cosmetics just released their much anticipated Fall collection, The Jewel Thief. These are high luster shades when worn dry, but they turn metallic when used with a damp brush. They've also released some more colors in their Velvet Matte selection. It's good to mix and match colors between the collections to take advantage of [...]

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Meow’s 2009 Halloween Collection is here!

Meow's 2009 Halloween collection is here!Eye ShadowsHorrorDead of NightDirt Nap - rich - dare we say it? earthy (dirt!) brown with black undertones sparking with bronze iridescence and metallic shimmerEerie - bright purple with blue iridecence and blue sparkleWarlock - like witch and necromancer, this is pure black shadow LOADED with gorgeous blue sparkle and [...]

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