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I just received my MsCuppyCakes order today. I’m not ordering from them again. Let me tell you why.

I placed my order with them on Tuesday, August 18, 2009.
On August 21, I emailed to inquire as to when my order would ship. I received an email back the same day stating “orders may take 7 to 10 business days before they are shipped. Please review our shipping policy.’

On Friday, August 28 I received an email stating my order would be ready to ship soon.

On September 1st I emailed to find out why there was an additional processing time, because when I looked at their website to review their Shipping Policy, it says 7 to 10 business days to process an order, not 7 to 10 business days to process an order, and additional days for the order to be ‘readied’ before it ships. It states on their Shipping Policy Page “Shipping Time Denotes Once Sent from Post Office to Customer’, so there’s nothing about an additional process time. 8 business days was September 1, by the way. 10 business days was September 3.

I received an email on Saturday September 5 that my order had shipped, after 11 business days.

On Thursday September 10th I received an email response to the email I sent on September 1st stating:
Thank you for contacting us. Due to the fires last week we were without power for (3) days which caused a back log for us. We have sent your order today. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for shopping at!
So the people at were stating that they had not sent my order out until Thursday September 10 after sending me an email on Saturday September 5 which stated my order had shipped on Saturday September 5.

I sent an immediate response back of:
While I am sorry that you were without power, I feel like your site is dishonest. I received an email from you on Sept. 5 stating you’d shipped my item, yet now you tell me you shipped it out today, Sept 10. I do not feel that is good customer service.


I did not receive a response back to that email.

So to recap:
I placed an order on Tuesday August 18.
On Friday August 28 I received an email stating my order ‘would be ready to ship soon.’
On Tuesday September 1st I sent an email asking why there would be additional time required to ready my order to ship.
By 10 business days on Thursday September 3, I still had not received a shipping notification.
By 11 business days on Saturday September 5, I received a message that my package had shipped. (remember business days are only mon through fri)
By 15 business days on Thursday September 10, I received an email response to my message sent on September 1st, which stated that my order had been sent out on September 10, not September 5.
I sent an immediate response back on September 10 but got no reply.
Today, Tuesday September 15, 17 business days, I received my order.
Yes, it took about a MONTH to receive pre-packaged items, not custom made items. Ridiculous!

Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick to ordering from

Considering that MsCuppyCakes doesn’t make the products I ordered by hand, they’re already prepackaged, I think their 7 to 10 business days is ridiculous. The fact that they couldn’t even deliver in the time frame they gave, moreso. I feel like MsCuppyCakes provided bad customer service. I will not order from them again and I would seriously urge anyone thinking about ordering from them to reconsider.

I ordered 4 sets of Red Cherry lashes: RC15, RC100, RC_D602, RC_D609, and my favorite Nyx Eye & Lip Makeup remover.