I recently picked Softsoap’s Body Butter Coconut Scrub bodywash to try out. I’d been looking for more coconut scents to try now that I don’t completely detest it and in fact rather like it.

The scent on this is divine as I smell hints of coconut and a bit of sweetness, unlike a lot of coconut products that end up smelling like suntan lotion.
This scrub has little granules of crushed coconut to help you gently exfoliate while the jojoba helps to moisturize your skin as it cleanses.
The texture is creamy and has those little coconut bits.
I find that it lathers up nicely on my sponge.
I leave the shower with my skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

It’s about $4.49 locally for me, which is extremely inexpensive in my opinion for the 18 oz that you receive.

I find it to be a nice change from my normal fruity body washes.

Though if you’re a fan of fruity scents, as I usually am, they have another body wash in this style that is an Apricot Scrub Bodywash.

I would definitely buy this again, because after using it for 3 weeks I’m still in love with it!

Have you tried any new bodywashes lately?
What are your favorite scents?

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