I played with some of the lovely June Sneak Peek colors from Glamour Doll Eyes this morning. I love the bright pink as it’s vivid and really works well with my skin tone. The grey was the unexpected color for me though, as I think I love it the best of all the colors I tried today. It’s a gorgeous warm grey with silver shot throughout it. It makes an amazing crease or liner color, and could be fun as a lid, too. The purple and blue are my favorite sort, with pink-violet reflects. The sheer is a very nice subtle highlighter shade and would make an interesting all over color wash.

If you’re at all interested in being able to give feedback on names and colors made by Glamour Doll Eyes, get involved in their sneak peek and give it a try! It’s fun!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Glamour Doll Eyes unnamed pink – inner 1/3 of eyelid
Glamour Doll Eyes unnamed purple – middle 1/3 of eyelid
Glamour Doll eyes unnamed blue – outer 1/3 of eyelid
Glamour Doll Eyes unnamed grey – crease, outer vee and lower lash line
Glamour Doll Eyes unnamed sheer – to highlight
Aromaleigh Gel Eyeliner in Black Out – upper lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero – lower water line
Benefit BadGal Mascara in Black

Aromaleigh Candy-O

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese
Meow Skinny Dippers in Medium Siamese

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Lollipop-Pop

Archetype Cosmetics Haul:
I placed this haul on June 6 and received it today July 6, which is less than the stated 6 week turn-around time. Not bad at all!

Shade Description of Lipgloss:
Sex Kitten-mauve with blue sparkle

Shade Description of Full Size:
Lolita’s Lollipop-a sweet pale pink with some silvery mint green and gold shimmer
Sexy Librarian-Deepest velvet black with subtle pink sparkle

Shade Descriptions of Samples:
Antique Platinum- greyish patina, with intense white-silver shine and shimmer
Burlesque Revival- dove grey with a pinkish iridescence and silver sparkle
Candy Cane Kisses- mix of intense red and white sparkle
Betties Bangs- deepest velvety black with sparkly blue highlights
Desert Rain- soft translucent worn-denim blue with matching sparkle
Icecicle Moon- medium pewter grey shimmer with a slight blue undertone
LittleGreyKitten- silver with silver sparkles
Morningstar- deep raisiny taupe purple with silvery shimmer and purple shimmer
Pink Insanity- pink purple with silver, purple and hint-of-green flash
Samhain Eve- dark shimmery greyed brownish taupe with a playful silver sparkle
Shackled- velvety black purple shimmer with lots of green sparkle
Silk & cyanide- ashes of roses with some peach and iridescent glow
St. Alia-of-the-Knife- medium iridescent blue shade
The Uneasy Dancers- teal blue with subtle gold shimmer and silver glitter
Unwrap Me- Eff-me-red sparkle with pure intense velvet black base
Valley of the Kings- metallic intense opaque bright sunny-hued gold with a twist of turquoise sparkle
Verre De Soie- silvery sheen with a shifting iridescent highlight

The nice ladies at Archetype were kind enough to upgrade my Sexy Librarian from a sample to a full size, and they sent me 4 free samples as well, which was really sweet of them.