I went for a more delicate look today. I wanted to use Beautiful Girl Minerals’ Exquisite in my crease because it’s such an unusual shade. It’s eye catching, yet subtle.

Shade Descriptions:
Exquisite – a muted grayish green that looks simply exquisite on the eyes! The picture does not do it justice.
Sakura – super-pale lavender, almost white, topped with varying hues of lavender shimmer
Healer’s Touch – rich red-violet shimmer with a paler shimmer that subtly changes from silvery green to vibrant rose-pink
Dolly – a clear brilliant pink rouge
Naughty Kitty – a bratty pink with a naughty aqua sparkle and hint of pink iridescence

Purely Nude Primer
Fyrinnae Sakura – inner 1/3 of lid and 1/3 of inner lower lash line
Fyrinnae Healer’s Touch – outer 2/3 of lid
Beautiful Girl Exquisite – crease, outer vee, and outer 2/3 of lower lash line
Beautiful Girl Delicate – to highlight

Aromaleigh Dolly

Archetype Lip Gloss in Naughty Kitty

Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese

I also received a few lovely things in the mail!

First off, I received a package from my friend Jen of Camellia Rose!

Some things for me to try out :)

Next, I received a birthday card and eye shadow from Aromaleigh for joining the Birthday Club! My birthday is June 18th, so this is a pleasant surprise. If you have been an Aromaleigh customer for a year and sign up for the Birthday Club, Kristen will send you a card and a Pure Hues eye shadow of your choice.

Finally, I received my Glamour Doll Eye Shadows Haul :)

this picture was taken with natural light and flash.

And here is a link to see the eye shadows with no flash in natural light.

The colors I received:
Glam Girl, Strawberry Cupcake, Blueberry Lush, Disco White
Rave, Bleeding Love, Coral Reef, Hollywood
Dusk, Pinky Swear, Pixie, Trophy Wife
Rusty (and another Pixie)
and and elf C brush

I will definitely be doing a bolder look tomorrow 😉

By the way, I totally missed the 1 year birthday of my blog! My blog shares a birthday with my husband Ray, on May 14th. So happy belated birthday, Decorative Diva :)