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I had a few things arrive in the mail today.

I wanted to pick up some of Aromaleigh‘s mattes to explore mattes some more, as well as some colors in the nude and pin-up girl range.
And of course, since I’m obsessed with neon bright sky blue a la Color Club Pure Energy, I had to pick up a full size of Planet Earth and a sample of Bluespark.

Planetearth (full size) – subtly shimmering intense primary blue with pink sparkles
Ice – a pure white matte
Flaxen – golden, cream-colored warmth
Venus – quintessential mauve matte
Bluespark – bright peacock blue with a literal dollop of blue sparks
Estranged – lustrous yellow-green chartreuse
Purple Princess – a deep, satiny purple with rich rose tones and a russet shadow
Luster – a luscious and shimmering mid-tone warm beige
Wish – a peachy golden pink with slight iridescence
Sapphire – sapphire blue medium-deep
Arbor – A deep pine needle green with fine shimmer

Free Samples
Lotus – cerulean blue, silvery and smooth
Drama Blue – the deepest glimmer of sapphire
Monique – lustrous brown with a rosy shade

After receiving many reader emails and comments to try Archetype, I decided to place an order. They do state that it will take 3 to 6 weeks to receive an order from them. My order took exactly 16 business days, which is not bad at all (just over 3 weeks). I did have a minor issue where I didn’t receive my receipt from them & had trouble with emailing them (received a weird delivery failure with gmail, which I’d never seen before), but I contacted Archetype via MySpace and they were very kind and sent me my receipt. They also explained that why orders were taking longer was due to the fact that an employee had unexpectedly quit. In a small business, that can really be problematic and I can totally sympathize with that.

Small Lip Glosses:
NAUGHTY KITTY: This feisty little number is a bratty pink that has a hint of a neutral undertone to make it wearable. It’s packed with a naughty aqua sparkle that sets it apart from all the others, and features a hint of pink iridescence too.
LOW RED MOON: Beautiful deep warm brick red with intense red shimmer and a hint of blue sparkle. Highly pigmented. On pale skin it looks close to true red.

Small Eye Shadows:
CHINA WHITE: A crystalline barely pink base with a pile of aquamarine and purple sparkle. Great highlight color, it’s a nice balance between sheer and opaque.
RAVEN’S FEATHER: This is the subtle iridescent purple green found in the highlights of raven wings. Iridescent turquoise purple flash over a soft blueblack base. Slightly shimmery, not sparkly. Picture doesn’t do it justice!

Sample Eye Shadows:
Conjunction – an intense pure blueish purple with a veil of iridescence, turquoise and purple and aqua sparkles
Dirty Blonde – soft off-ivory with hint of peach non-color, moderate gold shimmer
Erotic Underground – a velvety grey satiny silverypink with blackened green and blue sparkles
Exquisite Corpse – sheered out true purple with a bit of aqua iridescence and major aqua sparkle
Faerie Light – a quizzical shimmery velvety iridescent greysilver with an intense pink flash and a bit of purple sparkle
Glass Coffin – veils of turquoise iridescence layered over a hint of delicate violet with turquoise sparkle
Integra’s Dog – intense red red
Lolita’s Lollipop – a sweet pale pink with some silvery mint green and gold shimmer
Obsidian Butterfly – an electric, intense blue with turquoise and blue iridescence and sparkles
Oil Slick – a night-black base packed with multi-colored sparkle
Soap Bubble – a sparkly, very translucent white with intense rainbow sparkle
Abalone – a cool silvergrey with intense rainbow sparkle
Veil of Shadows – a pearly dove grey with a surprise subtle pale red iridescence
Transylvanian Concubine – blackened shimmery forest green
Starfall – cool shimmery light pink with lots of sparkle
Spun Sugar – a soft pale pink with a major green iridescent flash and pale gold shimmer
Queen of the Nile – tarnished beige gold with lots of gold sparkle
Plastic Pink – pink pink with extra pink on top and pink shimmer

And Holy crap, the free samples they sent me! Totally not expected! This was over the top and very kind of them.

Full size Scream Queen – looks like a gorgeous sparkling raspberry with golden sparks (couldn’t find this on the website)

Free Samples:
Behind the Velvet Mask – looks like a grey with aurora borealis sparkle (couldn’t find on the website)
BraaaAAAINS! – looks like a pale pink-grey with pink shimmer (couldn’t find on the website)
Dead Roses – deep berry burgundy/russet color, with lots of burgundy glittery sparkle.
Lethe – Iridescent turquoise and purple flash over hypnotic grey depths.
Switch – Deepest burgundy with major gold sparkle and red iridescence. (this name cracks me up, bonus points if you know why)
Feathered Serpent – golden peach with iridescence and shimmer
Zeljana – Eerie intense teal, more green than blue, with lovely electric blue sparks.
False Spring – A gold hued spring green, opaque and with gold sparkle.
Kitten Toes – a pretty soft hint of pink color, with light pink iridescent flash and subtle pale green sparkle
Salammbo – a tropical, iridescent true green with a golden undertone, and some moderate gold glimmer. (this is lip safe)
Fuschias for Simon – a sheered out fuchsia with an intense bluegreen iridescence and green sparkle.
Lisa’s Busted Camaro – a cheerful pale shell pink with perky pink iridescence and purple sparkle
Spring Lunacy – A very light and airy translucent silvered violet
Sly – an iridescent deep dark blue with a bare hint of a grape hue to it, packed with coppery sparkle
Mouse – the taupe. basic brownish-grey with very muted shimmer
Angel of Indulgence – Dark iridescent turquoise teal blue, but tip it to the side and a velvety deeper midnight blue/purple reveals itself; green sparkle.

I’m really looking forward to playing with all of these.