I had a wonderful first day of spring. I took the day off of work and spent it playing with Phaedra and Honey, my friend’s dog. Then later in the day I took Dave to lunch, and then we went to the MAC store.

Since I knew I was going to hit the MAC store, I wanted to wear Aquavert. However, I was torn on what to use in the crease. Should I use Shimmermoss? Phlox? No, I decided I’d be daring and use Darling Misfit. And learning my lesson from yesterday, no lippy that blended in with my skin for me, so I chose Lollipop-pop. OMG this is a MUST HaVE color for me. I love the blue sheen. It’s just gorgeous. I kept staring at my lips :)

Surpisingly, I really like Aquavert and Darling Misfit together. I’m sure some would find it hideous, but I liked it, the MA at the store I was at today complimented me on, and Dave liked it. So that’s a win in my book :) I think the very visible aqua shimmer in Darling Misfit ties it together with Aquavert.

Shade Descriptions:
Lollipop-pop – a fun vibrant light pink with a blue highlight
Darling Misfit – deep magenta-pink with contrasting aqua highlight
Nijiro – ivory with rainbow sparkles
Aquavert – Soft mint with white pearlized pigments
Candy – a true pink with sheer iridescence that will embrace cheeks with a touch of sweetness!
Kyoto – pale sky blue with glittery aqua-blue foil, great over black gloss or pink lipstick

Too Faced Shadow insurance
MAC Aquavert – on eyelid
Fyrinnae Darling Misfit – crease
Fyrinnae Nijiro – to highlight
Fyrinnae Kyoto – a tiny bit where Darling Misfit & Aquavert meet
Aromaleigh Indelible Gel Eyeliner Black Out – upper lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 liner – Zero
MAC Pro Lash Black Mascara

Aromaleigh Candy blush

Fyrinnae Lollipop-pop

Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Sphynx

Yes, I’m a saucy minx!

So I went to the MAC store to look at the Sugarsweet collection and I really liked Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing. I tried them on, and Dave hated how I looked in Lollipop Loving. He said it was not a flattering shade on me. However, he loved Sweet Thing on me and thought it was a perfect color for me. So I picked up Sweet Thing and another Pro Lash Black Mascara since mine is almost gone.

Sweet Thing – Mid-tone magenta with multi-dimensional pearl (Lustre)

When I came home, I had two surprises in the mail. The first was a package from Robyn of Purely Cosmetics, and it was two other foundations to try: Fair Maiden in the skin smoothing formula and Peaches n’ Cream in the Skin smoothing formula. I’ll be trying out Fair Maiden tomorrow.

And finally, my samples from Mixology arrived. 6 samples for $5 is a great deal. Well, Iceberg was a free sample that Rae threw in :)

Starlight – great light highlighter with lots of sparkle (made in honor of Edward’s sparkling skin from Twilight)
Iceberg – A cool powder blue with silver grey undertones
Suga – a shimmery opal pink
Armor – a steel silver
Soot – smoky, charcoal grey, semi-matte
Dune – a light beige color