Daily archives:February 22, 2009 8:25 pm

N.Y.C. Luxury Lime Creme

While this nail polish is not a creme, nor a luxury nail splurge, it is definitely a pretty, light lime green color. It's got lots of little micro-shimmer, and I think it's just so pretty!1. China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat2. 4 coats of NYC Luxury Lime Creme3. Seche Vite top coatThey sell Seche Vite at my Target now, apparently, so I picked up a bottle[...]

China Glaze Japanese Koi Sprinkled with Fairy Dust

Please let me apologize for this picture. There's no sun outside today, so it's overcast. I tried taking the picture inside with flash and then I adjusted the color to try and show off Japanese Koi. Japanese Koi is a vibrant tangerine orange shade that has a bit of red to it. It's a gorgeous color, but since I don't like cremes, I covered it in Fairy Dust!I [...]