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I like being organized. I keep my makeup in a spreadsheet. I’ve added my nail polish to that catalog as well. I also bought these nai wheels so I could put my polish on them and then when I can’t figure out what to wear, I bring out the wheels and ask the guys to pick colors. I thought you all might enjoy seeing my organized nail polish.

Here are my Nfu.Oh polishes:

125 – chartreuse and olive with micro shimmer
57 – acid green with red and gold flakes
52 – dark blue with green, purple and opal flakes
60 – oil slick black with red and opalescent flakes
I love ALL of my Nfu.Oh polishes.

The only seller that you can buy these gorgeous nail polishes from is Fabulous_Nails on ebay. This seller is awesome! Check her out if you want to buy Nfu.Oh Nail polishes.

You can see the full Nfu.Oh catalog here at All of the colors are on a color wheel and this really helped me decide which colors I would like.

Here are my Orly, Sinful and Sally Hansen polishes:

Orly 1 Liquid Vinyl – I love this black
Orly 2 Sweet Tart – a clear pretty red
Orly 3 Ruby Passion – eh, I’m lukewarm about this shade
Orly 4 Gorgeous – this is awesome, like MAC Pink Pearl pigment or Aromaleigh Snapdragon
Orly 5 Cut the Cake – This is like MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass
Orly 6 Walk Down the Aisle – I really don’t like this one
Sinful 7 Tapping Nails – this was a favorite summery shade for a while. It’s an orange with pinkish gold shimmer
Sinful 8 Fiji – this was my favorite purple for a long time
Sinful 9 Gorgeous – this is a fun teal
Sally Hansen 10 Burgundy Orchid – nice duochrome
Sally Hansen 11 Strawberry Icing – this color looks horrible on me
Sally Hansen 12 Blue It – this is an awesome blue color
Sally Hansen 13 Black Out – not a great black

Here are my China Glaze nail polishes. I pretty much love all of them:

1 Tinsel – silver with silver glitter
2 Emerald Sparkle – green with green glitter
3 Ruby Pumps – bright red with red glitter
4 Golden Enchantment – holographic golden glitter top coat
5 In Awe of Amber – a metallic copper brown color
6 Lubu Heels – black with red glitter
7 Purple Panic – neon purple
8 Turned Up Turquoise – neon turquoise
9 Flying Dragon – purple with red and blue glitter
10 Sexy in the City – bright blue with frost and shimmer
11 Evening Seduction – blackened cherry creme
12 Up All Night – navy blue with subtle shimmer
13 Frostbite – blue high lustre pearl
14 Rodeo Fanatic peacock blue with matching micro shimmer
15 Tempest – Blue-violet with shimmer
16 Joy – red-based purple metallic
17 Cowgirl Up – plummy reddish violet with silver micro shimmer
18 Midnight Ride – blackened purple with purple micro shimmer
19 Awaken – Blue-based charcoal metallic

Here are my Finger Paints, Misa, Nubar and Zoya polishes, all of which I <3: src="" title="">

Finger Paints 1 Easel Come Easel Go – silver metallic with silver shimmer
Finger Paints 2 Butterscotch Cookie – caramelized gold with gold micro-shimmer
Finger Paints 3 Pink Imagination – pale pink with loads of shimmer. pretty color but looks horrible on me
Finger Paints 4 Orange Kick – neon orange creme
Finger Paints 5 Coral Complement – neon coral creme
Finger Paints 6 Add & Abstract – aquamarine with shimmer
Finger Paints 7 Get Real-ism – easter egg lavender with pink shimmer
Finger Paints 8 You Hue! – rose pink with golden shimmer
Finger Paints 9 Studio Ruby-O – hot pink with shimmer
Finger Paints 10 Maroon Macaroon – gorgeous burgundy with burgundy micro-shimmer
Finger Paints 11 Be a Pal-ette – red based purple with blue shimmer
Finger Paints 12 Black Gumdrop – dark purple with violet micro-shimmer
Misa 13 Ghetto Fabulous – gold with gold shimmer
Misa 14 Toxic Seduction – blackened teal with shimmer
Misa 15 Fatal Affair – dark purple with blue and red micro-shimmer
Misa 16 Love Bite – deep but translucent burgundy creme
Misa 17 For the Woman Without Boundaries – deep garnet with micro-shimmer
Nubar 18 Gold Leaf – a complex shimmery copper, bronze and gold
Nubar 19 Copper to Pink – copper with a hint of pink
Zoya 20 Yasmeen – deep plum purple metallic with a magenta shimmer and gilded sparkling metallic finish

I was also referred to a wonderful seller on ebay who sells Nubar polishes, so that I no longer have to deal with Nubar’s horrible customer service. I highly recommend this seller also. Her name is sparkling*nails. She sells Nubar and Zoya, just to name two brands, as well as carries some rare nail polish.

Most of my polish has been purchased at Sally’s when they were running their frequent Buy 2 get 1 free deals for China Glaze and Finger Paints. I also have a Sally’s card, which gives me a pretty nice discount.

What do you think of my nail polish?