Daily archives:September 30, 2008 5:57 pm

Hand-crafted & painted pendant

This is a necklace I just finished last night, but I'm really unhappy with the necklace I strung it on. It was a necklace sold as a stacking set, but the two strands were too close in size, especially after beading. So I'm going to go back and re-bead them and make sure that they look like they're stacking properly.That being said, I love the pattern/colors [...]

Meow Sexy, Swanky & Heavy Petting FOTD

I did a tri-color lid look with the Meow Fall colors today. I paired Sexy, Swanky and Heavy Petting. After seeing how gorgeous Sexy looks on, I'm going to have to do a smoky eye with it and Heavy Petting.All colors are Meow unless otherwise noted.Shade DescriptionsSexy - muted smoky violetSwanky - medium garnet rose / plumHeavy Petting - intesnse vivid black[...]