A Plethora of Purples

I realized I had a dearth of purple eyeliners. So today, when I took my friend out to run some errands, I perused the purple eyeliners at Target. Several eyeliners were on sale, including one from Rimmel that was 99 cents. So for $11 I picked up 3 purple eyeliners of unknown quality.I picked up:1. [...]

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How to Store Mineral Makeup Samples

There are several ways that you can store your mineral makeup samples. However, my two favorite ways are in small 5 gram jars, or as I just finally tried, in a binder.Here's my binder :)Binders are pretty inexpensive, and so are sheets to fill the binders.5 gram jars can usually be bought for anywhere between [...]

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Meow Cosmetics New Fall 2008 Collection

Meow Cosmetics just released a new Fall 2008 Collection.These shades are all gorgeous!The colors I like are:Caterwaul - deep burgundy wineWitty Kitty - Vanilla with a subtle metallic cinnamon- copper sheen and undertoneBad Girl - Rich Hot Chocolate Brown with copper and gold sheenSabertooth - ultra-dark navy/blackHuntress - grey/violetHeavy Petting- intense vivid black/purpleTongue Tied - [...]

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