Daily archives:August 24, 2008 6:47 pm

Origins Underwear for Lids

Because I've never blogged about it before, I must tell you how I love Origin's Underwear for Lids. I picked up Gold dust and used it until it was all gone, and then went on to purchase another Gold Dust as well as Pink Frosting.This is a nice, creamy eye shadow that comes in what looks like a lipstick tube. I just glide it across my lid and then blend it in[...]

A Pedicure & Guava Passion Shower Gel & Body Butter

Today I attempted to give myself a pedicure with a Ms. Pedicure Healthy Heels kit that I'd picked up months ago. I soaked my feet in hot soapy water for about twenty minutes, and then I went to town with the purple foot rasp on my feet.Now, let me tell you, I have very sensitive and ticklish feet. I can't really stand to have people touch my feet. It's taken[...]

Pressed Minerals - Success & Failures.

The 6 pigments I pressed last night are done. I'm actually worried that I didn't leave them in Phase 1 long enough, and didn't allow them to dry out enough before I put the jeans and coins and books on top of them for Phase 2. You can see where I touched each of them with my finger to see how pigmented they are. For all of these pigments, it took over half o[...]