Daily archives:June 20, 2008 4:01 pm

AromaLeigh Swatches

I wanted to swatch all of my full sizes of AromaLeigh today, so I did (except I forgot Coco Mauve! However, you can see Coco Mauve in my FOTD today).Rococo, Sundaygirl, and Wildflower are all 3 blushes (Rococo is a Gothic Lolita and the other two are Sonic Rocks! Rouge)Bluebird, Adobe, Fox, Fairy Green, Smokescreen, Hibiscus and Coco Mauve are Pure Hues.Eleg[...]

AromaLeigh Coco Mauve with Wildflower

I've always said that I'm not a brown person, but as I've learned several times now with AromaLeigh, that doesn't apply to their colors! (I really only used to wear shades of purple, an occasional yellowish green paired with a teal, or black) I'm now convinced that AL can make me love any color. I just received my most recent order of AL yesterday, and with [...]